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Bangalore-based Pexitics, has launched PexiScore (People Excellence Indicator Score), which is a score to measure talent for job roles using the Pexitics platform. In this new era of fast paced technology based decisions Human Resource Management and Hiring is geared towards Analytics platforms like PexiScore ( which are entering the HR marketplace.
Pexitics is a HR Analytics firm that has built its own comprehensive assessment platform that helps HR teams with People Analytics and Advisory Services along with Online Pre-Hiring Solutions.
Platforms like PexiScore act as enablers for the evolved HR manager who wants to move from an intelligent hiring process to an intelligent analytics driven hiring. Organization can now grow from being aspirers of analytics to organizations equipped with analytics at the click of a button.
PexiScore created by Pexitics is a revolutionary Talent Score for prospective candidates that can be customized to reflect their job fit across various parameters. Data scientists are Pexitics have worked hard to ensure that these parameters are comprehensive and include a spectrum of skills, industries, experience levels, experience attributes and experience and personality based cultural fit attributes.
Subhashini Sharma Tripathi, Founder and Chief Data Scientist, says, “Inspired on the lines of the CIBIL TransUnion and FICO scoring models our platform produces statistically significant and accurate assessments. PexiScore strives to be an easy-to-use, intuitive software to measure your compatibility for a particular job. The PexiScore platform helps assess candidates through a robust dashboard that makes the pre-screening of candidates a much faster, and simpler process.” 

The vision of Pexitics is “to transform Human Resources into a future ready, growth-centric function that serves as the nerve centre of the business while providing businesses with tools to make the best possible data-backed HR decisions and thus emerge as a globally recognized and trusted entity in the HR.”
The Pexitics platform is an assessment platform that uses logic and statistical inferences to rank individuals according to job fit, making it an effective tool to pre-screen candidates. It ensures efficiency through data management in hiring decisions. It simplifies decision-making by measuring each candidate numerically against the Job Description (JD) and having a Score (PexiScore) to determine their level of Right-fit for the role. 
Reuben Ray, Founder and CEO “We want to focus on Analytics as an enabler for organizational success to facilitate the integration of data based decisions into the larger scope of the organization for its Human Resource strategies and growth.”
HR Analytics is an upcoming field that aims to integrate data based decisions into the Human Resource Function of Organizations. Pexitics HR Analytics uses Data Science to create Statistical Models that address HR challenges and focus on improving HR processes and practices for both HR Managers and Consultants. Pexitics with its resources regularly conducts Analytics trainings and workshops for both the corporate and higher education sector.
Established in 2015, Pexitics headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka is a company formed under Crafiti Worldcrafts Pvt. Ltd. Pexitics has been founded by Subhashini Sharma Tripathi and Reuben Ray. Subhashini S. Tripathi is a highly established thought leader with 15 years of experience in the realm of business analytics and consistently conducts knowledge transfer programmes for the same across India. She is a sought after resource for businesses seeking consultancy services to solve business problems through data analytics. She is also the author of “Learn Business Analytics in Six Steps Using SAS and R” published in 2016 by Apress. Reuben Ray has over 17 years of rich business experience in Banking and Financial Sector especially within the niche of FinTech and online platforms.
Pexitics also has a social commitment which is expressed in its social mission to “become a level playing platform to make equal opportunity and best fit jobs and careers, a reality for all sections of society irrespective of ethnicity and gender.”

Source: Pexitics